Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Secret to Resolving Your Tax Debt Without a Tax Attorney

If you have tax debt with the IRS, you only need a tax attorney if you have to go to US Tax Court. If you simply need representation before the IRS, you need an Enrolled Agent. An Enrolled Agent has been recognized, by the IRS after passing rigorous exams administered by the IRS, as qualified to represent tax payers.

Once you have signed a limited Power of Attorney form, the Enrolled Agent will be able to talk to the IRS on your behalf. Your tax situation may be very complicated and having someone in your corner who is familiar with the IRS' processes and procedures can insure you find the best option for your particular situation.

A thorough review of your current financial situation will help the Enrolled Agent understand what options will or will not work for you. Many people hear the ads for "pennies on the dollar" resolution. An Enrolled Agent can help you determine if you qualify for this option (few tax payers actually qualify). Even if you do not qualify for that resolution option, an Enrolled Agent will find the best option for you.

Effectur is a company that employs Enrolled Agents to represent their clients before the IRS. While resolving your tax debt is not inexpensive, hiring an Enrolled Agent is certainly a less expensive alternative to a tax attorney and will ensure you have the inside track on what options are available for your situation.

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